Movie Review: Lucky You

Is life like the game of chance? Lucky You thinks it's a game of poker.

Curtis Hanson (8 Mile, L.A. Confidential) directs this low-key and restrained film which I have to say is more of a personal drama than a romance. (While the trailers seem to present this as a rom-com on Vegas, it is really more about a man's struggle with his issues.)

Central to the story is Huck Cheever (Eric Bana), a compulsive gambler who goes through odds and ends to raise money to enter the World Series Poker tournament. Along the way, he meets a naive lounge singer (Drew Barrymore) and sparks hardly fly. He also deals with moving out of his poker legend father L.C. Cheever (Robert Duvall).

While the movie is solid, especially on the casino scenes, it's disappointing with how the movie just comes off flat right off the bat. Limited screen time between Bana and Barrymore even pulls the movie down on its own drama weight. Poker players will find it refreshing to see some cameos from real pro poker players.

The movie deals a straight flush for poker lovers, but a bad hand for ordinary folks.

Rating: 2.5/5

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