Movie Review: Fracture

Anthony Hopkins has played some pretty cerebral characters in his career. His memorable portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in several films has more or less defined the smart and nasty villain.

But here in Fracture, while he does give credibility to the genius aeronautics engineer Ted Crawford, it's a surprise the movie maneuvers to make a legal technicality the cause of his downfall. Talk about genius, huh?

Well, this is Hollywood. Even the cleverest mastermind will be foiled by a hardy good guy. Enter Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson, The Notebook).

The movie is no doubt smart and as its shares of twists, but the banter and exchange between the two main characters is the joy of this movie. The writers were keen in giving the antagonist a sensitive side and giving the hero enough flaws to enable the viewer to cheer of either of the two.

Fracture won't break box-office records, but it's taut and gripping thriller.

Rating: 3/5

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