Movie Review: Stomp The Yard

What do get when you mix a school rivalry story with a high-energy dance/step routine showcase?

The answer is Stomp The Yard.

In the vein of recent dance/teen movies (Step Up, Take the Lead), Stomp the yard differentiates itself by incorporating a dance that seems to be popular in Georgia and southern U.S. states (Stepping) and mixing it with Urban/Street dance.

It's easy to see why the movie topped the box-office charts for a time. The choreography is superb and the cinematography complements is. The cast is replete with newcomers and they do little enhancement to the story.

Speaking of the story,it's quite predictable: A edgy ghetto dude comes to an unfamiliar territory, gets caught up in a frat rivalry, picks the underdog frat, helps them overcome the other's domination of the National Stepping Championships. Oh, there's a love story entiwined in all that.

Stomp The Yard is a good dance movie. I wish they would just show the dance sequences straight, rather than deal with the story though.

Rating: 3/5

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