Movie Review: Shooter

For an action movie, Shooter thinks and talks too much.

While I'm not saying it's art film material, the dialog and sequences takes the steam off the action. Here's an example: Mark Wahlberg (The Departed, Boogie Nights) has just been framed in an assassination and after a riveting chase scene, what happens? The movie focuses on Michael Pena (World Trade Center, Crash) , who plays a rookie FBI agent that goes into a Nancy Drew-like investigation and tries to uncover a conspiracy. Also, the movie spews out shooting and military jargon that I wasn't able to comprehend.

There are some characters that weren't developed well and the movie editing didn't help. Good thing that this is taken from the "popcorn" movie mold and you can still get piece together the story without much thought.

With the way the story goes, this movie is nearer to Rambo or Death Wish with a sniper rifle rather than Enemy at the Gates.

Rating: 3/5

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