Movie Review: The Last Mimzy

There must be something about having Tibetan and Eastern philosophy in a children's movie that makes it cool... to adults.

The Last Mimzy is a good adventure movie guised in a kid's tale. The adventure and sense of discovery the movie has is very tight, plus the story gives a positive message about cleaning up our acts, both literally and figuratively.

So what is a Mimzy? In the future, Earth is a beleaguered planet on the verge of self-destruction and, in perfect Terminator fashion, have sent Mimzy's in the past to collect a special item from the present time to save the future. All previous Mimzy's have failed and the last one was found by Noah and Emma Wilder (played by Chris O'Neill and Rhianon Leigh Wryn respectively). It's now up to the kids to save the future of mankind.

Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, The Island) are perfect support players to the kids and they provide comic relief to a rather drab lead cast.

Visually, the movie is marvelous but the story, while very interesting and well-conceived, could have used more heart.

Rating: 4/5

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