Movie Review: Norbit

Eddie Murphy does a Nutty Professor-like performance again in his latest starrer, Norbit. And while he plays several roles with much gusto, the other aspects of the movie obviously stood back and watched him do his thing.

The story is pretty conventional-- a nerdy guy with an unusual name hooks up with the town's meanest heavyweight bully with an equally unusual name (Rasputia) and the comedy ensues. The angle that they are so mis-matched is milked to the hilt.

Comic elements and characters in this movie include pimps, a talking dog, a crude Chinese guy and the forays of marital hell-- if you think none of this appeals to you, stay away from Norbit. Its humor is much cruder than the Nutty Professor movies and pokes fun at hefty people to no end.

The movie's tagline is "Have you ever made a really big mistake?" Viewers should take it as a warning label.

Rating: 2/5

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