Movie Review: Breaking and Entering

I read somewhere that Anthony Mingella's Breaking and Entering had parallelisms with the Oscar-winning film Crash. So, I came in to the movie with a certain level of expectation.

Now let me get this out of the way: Euro-Crash it ain't.

Set in London's King's Cross district, Breaking and Entering is a movie that has cultural and social underpinnings. In the spirit of the aforementioned Crash and Babel, it presents and interweaving of apparently differerent live getting caught up by cirumstances, and in the case of this movie, it's crime and passion.

This is obviously a Jude Law vehicle. He leads the cast as Will Francis, an visionary architect who plans to uplift the derelict portions of the city. Juliet Binoceh and Robin Wright Penn round out the impressive cast. Acting-wise, each had power moments, but the story seemed to strangle them.

Speaking of the story, there are plot mechanisms that seem too contrived. The romantic link between a few characters in the movie looked out of place to me.

Too bad Breaking and Entering twiddled between safe and average-- it really had the potential to so show a more jarring and powerful drama.

Rating: 3/5

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